ElderShield is an affordable severe disability insurance scheme which provides basic financial protection to those who need long-term care, especially during old age. It provides a monthly cash payout to help pay the out-of-pocket expenses for the care of a severely-disabled person.

The Ministry of Health has appointed 3 private insurers to run ElderShield, namely:


Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) with Medisave accounts are automatically covered under ElderShield at the age of 40.

Your ElderShield premium is determined at the age of entry and does not increase with your age. Premiums are payable annually until you reach the age of 65. You can pay for the premiums using Medisave or cash.

There are currently 2 ElderShield schemes: ElderShield300 and ElderShield400. ElderShield300 was first launched in September 2002 and offers a payout of $300 per month for a maximum of 60 months. ElderShield400 came about after the ElderShield reform in 2007 and offers an improved coverage with payout of $400 per month for a maximum of 72 months. Singapore Citizens and PRs who join ElderShield after September 2007 will be on the ElderShield400 scheme

As an ElderShield policyholder, you will be able to claim benefits at any age for the rest of your life once you have paid the premiums. Simply put, for someone who becomes severely disabled at age 70 or 80, or even at age 90 and beyond, he can still get the $300 monthly cash payout up to 60 months or $400 monthly cash payout up to 72 months under the ElderShield300 and ElderShield400 schemes respectively.

ElderShield Reform

In 2007, the Ministry of Health made changes to the ElderShield scheme to ensure that it caters well to the evolving needs of Singaporeans. There are 2 key changes in the ElderShield reform.

First, the monthly payout is raised from $300 to $400 and the maximum payout period has been extended from 60 to 72 months.

Second, ElderShield policyholders who wish to obtain higher severe disability insurance coverage can purchase ElderShield Supplements, which complement ElderShield by offering additional benefits at different pricing levels. Premiums for ElderShield Supplements can be paid using Medisave (up to a limit of $600 per year per person insured) or by cash. Singaporeans now have a wider choice of severe disability insurance products to meet their individual needs.

For those who wish to have higher payouts and/or longer payout period, you may consider purchasing ElderShield Supplements from any of the approved ElderShield insurers.

Source: Ministry of Health